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Welcome to the new Kent Karras Chiropractic blog section of our website. Here you will find regular updates on our office along with chiropractic industry news, information on healing treatment for work related injuries, car accident injury information, and more. We hope to promote chiropractic awareness as a vital part of your healthy lifestyle. Every new post will give you a take-away that will make your life better. Contact our office with any questions, and (with your permission) we may use your anonymized request as the topic for a future post.

Dr. Karras has been in practice for more than 15 years now, and we are pleased to be able to bring his expertise to all of San Diego. With Kent Karras Chiropractic you don’t have to live with pain or discomfort. Let us get you on the road to recovery!

Why Choose Karras Chiropractic?

Whether you are an existing patient or searching for a chiropractor in the San Diego area, we’re excited you are here. All are welcome to speak with our professionals for a FREE telephone consultation. Just call our office at (619) 294-9205 and let our office staff know you are interested in having a phone consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what we can do to accomplish our mission of getting you on the road to recovery.

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